Triathlon BC Coaching Course

A slightly unusual post and not really an adventure as such but think it will be the start of a journey.

I have spent the weekend doing the Triathlon BC/Triathlon Canada Community Coaching Course. This is the first level of becoming a certified triathlon coach in Canada.

The course was held in Richmond at the Olympic Centre which was pretty cool but quite hard to get to which meant an early start for the 8am meet. There were 7 trainee coaches from all over BC and we were joined by Lucy Smith (Ex pro runner and triathlete who is now working for Triathlon Canada on the training course).

The main focus of the training course is safety and as a result the morning was spent mostly on safety and ethics. We also touched on teaching techniques and how people learn. The easiest way to teach and easiest way to learn are often different and therefore I will need to alter my techniques to maximise each individuals learning experience.

After lunch we moved on to the actual training process of swimming, cycling and running. We covered: how to train groups; technique; what to look for; how to correct errors; the risks of injury and providing feedback.

Learning something that you are interested in makes the day fly by and before long we were done for the day. The only downside was it was the most beautiful weekend and so I was disappointed I couldn’t actually get outside for some training.

Sunday morning was another early start and the most beautiful morning so again I felt it was a waste to be in a class room but today was a half day so would be able to get out on the bike in the afternoon. We have had the most awesome October and November and the rain that everyone goes on about in Vancouver has yet to arrive, although that does mean the snow hasn’t yet either so not all good news.

Sunday the focus was more on the development of sessions and longer term training plans which was the area I have least experience in. Doing individual sessions isn’t too tricky but putting it all together over a season and altering as circumstances change is where the real challenge lies. The issue I am going to need to get past is not just repeating the sessions that I do/have done for other people and developing my own training process from numerous sources for specific athletes. This will come with experience though.

There is a lot to learn and it will take time to get this experience but I am now a Community Qualified coach in Canada which is exciting and so can start coaching people. Its a long road before I get certified (2-3 years) but this is definitely something I am going to pursue. The next step is doing a research project over the next six months. This combined with doing the Ironman Online Coaching course I hope will place me in a good position to start my career as a triathlon coach which I hope and believe will be very rewarding.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is passionate about triathlon and wants to be involved further with the sport. It was very well run and informative and Tracey, (the instructor, experienced coach and triathlete), is very knowledgable and able to answer any questions and clearly explain the processes/techniques.

It is so nice to find something productive and hopefully useful that I am passionate about and can throw myself in to.

My next steps are now to: complete the Level 1 coaching paper; complete the Ironman Coaching Course; join a triathlon club to help with their training sessions and then find some willing guinea pigs looking to do some triathlons with my help :)!!



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