The new team for 2019 – Tri Force Endurance

Having trained myself over the winter with good progress but limited structure, I am excited to announce I have joined the Tri Force Endurance triathlon team. I am now mostly injury free and with 4 months to go to the Middle Distance European Championships I need to up my game to make sure I’m in peak condition. Then my focus will turn to 70.3 Arizona, 70.3 Hawaii all in the build up to Ironman Lake Placid 2020.

To reach the next level my training requires a higher level of expertise and science than I bring myself, but I know Billy and Simon have the experience to deliver that. I have already been very impressed with the detail they provide on nutrition, an area I ignore, and strength, conditioning and stretching, an area I tend to avoid. I believe this will be a very successful partnership that will push me to achieve my goals.

I met Billy briefly at the 70.3 World Championships in South Africa on a training ride as he coaches Fenella, a pro with 4 podiums (1 win) in 2018. Billy now also coaches my friend, and training partner in South Africa, Lori who highly recommended him, his processes and sessions.

They have limited spaces on their roster so when the opportunity came up to join I knew I had to take it. It was a very easy decision as it’s not often you get to train with coaches of this calibre and alongside professionals and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

So from Monday I will be back on a coached program which will make my life easier as I won’t have to plan my sessions and can just focus on executing them to the best of my ability. However its going to be a big step up and I need to prepare myself for some tough weeks ahead.





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