First Canadian Fish! Lake Garibaldi

First Canadian fish pulled out of Lake Garibaldi. Lovely rainbow trout caught on an olive wooly bugger nymph. Having unsuccessfully tried some blind lake fishing I moved to the outflow just above the bridge where I had seen a number of fish sitting. Here I was able to target specific fish and after about 10 minutes and a couple of follows I managed to get  a take. Not the best fight as it was slightly out matched by my switch rod and salmon reel due not having all my gear out here yet. But delighted to get a fish on the bank and straight in to the pot with some boiled veg, tomato sauce and Quinoa. Delicious! Hopefully the first of many fish!!39638042_10211577432104089_4462124433863081984_o

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1 thought on “First Canadian Fish! Lake Garibaldi

  1. What a brilliant description of an excitingly wild and empty part of the world. Thank you for it. It makes life in West Wight in August seem a little tame.
    Save this and any further accounts for a publication!
    Sue and Richard


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