Ducks vs Canucks! Finally an NHL game!

I have decided that (Ice) Hockey is my new favourite sport and I am now the Canucks biggest fan, most people in Vancouver have given up on them as they are rubbish. However, I have failed to make it to a game until now. They have fallen out of the playoff run so tickets are a bit cheaper so I got a couple for the Anaheim Ducks game, seemed appropriate they were playing the might ducks :). I wanted to get a jersey but at $250 that seems excessive, maybe another time.

I took Alex, an English cycling friend who moved here a while ago, and is going to help me move this weekend which is much appreciated. The build up to the game is typically North American, national anthems etc. Although I have to admit I am becoming quite a fan of the USA anthem, its quite a tune.

Ducks vs Canucks is meant to be a derby so I was hoping for some fights and lots of goals. We grabbed a couple of seriously expensive beers and settled in.

The first period was scrappy. The ducks took the lead though a break away goal before two very lucky, massive deflections, took the Canucks in to the lead. All going well so far.

In the break they had a juniors game, they were very mini people and was so fun to watch as it was all pretty chaotic but they were definitely better than me at skating!


The second period was where it all started to go wrong. The Canucks were playing so badly and couldn’t get anything together and before long the the Ducks equalised. What seemed unfair was it was a power play goal and before it was called the Canucks had an awesome shot off the wall from the far end go in, the Ducks had pulled the goalie as a penalty had been called. I got very excited but I was alone.

Shortly after the equaliser they were given a penalty. This did not go down well as no one knew what it was for and even now I’m not sure it should have been a penalty but I also don’t know the rules so what can you do. The penalty was an awesome finish despite all the booing and they definitely deserved to be 3-2 up going in to the final period.

Despite the domination the board was showing the shots being the same which we didn’t really believe. The third period carried on the same with the Canucks offering very little and with 7 minutes to go they were 5-2 down, people were starting to leave and there was no atmosphere. It was pretty disappointing as a game and I was finding out what being a Canucks fan is like.


Then with 8 mins to go the Canucks managed to sneak a goal which got a good cheer but pretty pointless. But then with 5 to go they got another. Were we in for a grandstand finish. They huffed and puffed and got close but ultimately couldn’t blow the ducks down.

All in all a great evening but as everyone pointed out this is a typical Canucks performance. Managing to make a game they should have lost close and exciting but ultimately falling short. It doesn’t matter to me though as I’m still there biggest fan and next year will be their year, I’m in the minority!!

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